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General Conditions, cancelling conditions et Internal Regulations

General terms and conditions, cancelling conditions and Internal regulations :

1.   Registrations:

It is imperative that every participant registers with their own personal account on the Inter-Track website so that Inter-Track has the correct current data to guarantee our operation. (

Immediately after booking you will receive an email from Inter-Track with the payment options.

Payments must be made via the various options of the online payment platform (MultiSafePay) on the Inter-Track website.

Your trackday will be automatically and immediately reserved after your on-line payment and your booked event will then appear under the ‘MY SUBSCRIPTIONS’ tab on our website.

If your booked track day does not appear in the tab, this means that your payment was unsuccessful.

(When paying by bank transfer or via SOFORT, it may take a few days before your booked day appears in your "MY SUBSRIPTIONS")

You will also receive a payment confirmation of your booked trackday by email.

If you do not receive it, be sure to check your spam or "unwanted messages".

If the payment cannot be made on-line, one can also pay by bank transfer, stating "name + date of track day".

Keep in mind that the confirmation and booking will only be completed once the amount has arrived on the Inter-Track bankaccount.

In some cases this can take several days.

As soon as your payment has arrived on the Inter-Track bankaccount, your place will be reserved and you will receive the confirmation as described above.

Only paid trackdays are reserved by our registration system .. not paid = not registered.

In short: when you have successfully completed the registration and payment, your trackday will be in your ‘MY SUBSCRIPTIONS’ at the top of our website.

2.   Cancellations:

As stated in these terms and conditions that each participant must read and click for approval when registering, you can cancel your trackday up to 1 month before the event by contacting us via the contact form on our website.

You will then receive a voucher with the amount paid minus 20 € administrative costs. Inter-Track does not make refunds.

Inter-Track will then cancel your reserved trackday and offer your place back for sale.

This voucher is valid for 1 year and may also be resold to another pilot.

You can find more information about these vouchers on our site under 'gift voucher'.

From at the latest 1 month before your trackday, the trackday CANNOT be canceled anymore or rescheduled to another date and you are responsible yourself for looking for a replacement for your reserved place.

(More information can be found at: resell my trackday in the ‘CONTACT/FAQ’ on our website)


(The administrative costs of your booking for the accounting office, the commission of our online payment provider MultiSafePay and the insurance are no longer recoverable by Inter-Track by then)

Since our trackdays are usually sold out in advance, most pilots offer the trackday for sale on their social media.

We therefore recommend that you put your trackday up for sale in the relevant Facebook event on the Inter-Track Facebook page where pilots are still looking for a place.

Indicate the correct date and registered group of your trackday and the price you would like to have for it.

If you have found a buyer for your trackday, you do not have to inform us.

It suffices that the replacement pilot simply reports on the trackday itself that he will be riding in your place. We will then adjust the administration on the spot.

However, provide the transferee with the practical information that appears in your "MY SUBSCRIPTIONS" from 2 weeks before the track day.

3.   Force majeure:

In case of force majeure (weather, accident, death, sudden illness, virus outbreak*, volcanic eruption, abolition of circuit or government events, earthquake, travel ban, flood,war, tsunami, lockdown, meteor impact, insurrection, etc.) The participant undertakes not to demand cancellations, refunds,vouchers, refunds, rescheduling to other dates or any other compensation from the organizer and its partners.

In the event of force majeure, all cancellation options are temporarily or permanently suspended and / or refused.

* However, for the current Corona crisis, we have made an exception  with a voucher system as clarified in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website:

4.   Invoices:

You can always find your invoices in 'My invoices'. You will find the button 'My invoices' at the top of the homepage of our website. You must be logged in to our site to view your 'My invoices'.

Your invoices are automatically drawn up when you register based on the information you provided in your personal account.

You can always change this information in your account before registering. You will find the button 'My Account' at the top of the homepage of our website.

Please note: Once you register and pay with your entered billing information, the invoice is automatically created by our system and forwarded to the participant and our bookkeeping office, the invoice can no longer be changed.

Even if you have registered without billing information or a gift voucher has been requested without billing information, an invoice can no longer be requested afterwards for accounting reasons.

5.   Group division:

Inter-Track redistributes the groups every half day according to the lap times ridden.

In order to keep the speed differences in the groups as small as possible and thus increase safety, Inter-Track can move the pilots from group to group based on the lap times in our database or the lap times specified when registering.

To keep the number of red and yellow flag situations to a minimum, Inter-Track is working with MY-LAPS transponders.

This way we can redistribute the groups even better and reduce the speed differences per group.

These mandatory group changes will be made every half day based on the lap times measured by our transponders.

These group changes will always take place during the lunch break (and during registrations in the morning on the 2nd day of a 2-day event).

These group changes are for ALL PILOTS participating in our track days.

Please come with your group sticker at the registrations where you will receive your new group sticker during the lunch break (and during registrations in the morning on the 2nd day of a 2-day event).

Your starting number and transponder that you received at the start of the trackday must remain on the motorcycle!


All pilots are divided according to the lap times from slow to fast through the groups.

On a trackday with eg 35 pilots per group, the 35 least fast pilots will be in the first group, the next 35 faster pilots in the 2nd group, etc.

By dividing the groups as perfectly as possible, the safety increases, there are fewer yellow and red flag situations and this means more riding time for everyone.

For those who are caught riding without a transponder or changing a transponder with another rider, this means the end of the track day!

All lap times of all riders participating in our trackdays are entered in our database. This allows us to redistribute the groups as well as possible in advance before the first session will be ridden.

You can also view your lap times yourself by creating your account on SPEEDHIVE or the SPEEDHIVE APP.

This way you can view all lap times per group of all our events. By clicking on your name you will see all your lap times.

6.   Noise reduction:

Each track has its own noise regulation. You can find the maximum number of allowed decibels on the website of the tracks or on our website under the tab "Tracks".

Each participant is responsible himself for making the motorcycle comply with the noise regulation of the track on which he / she wants to ride.

If the noise limit is exceeded, the track can refuse the participant access to the circuit.

In that case, no cancellation, refund, vouchers, rescheduling to other dates or any other compensation can be claimed from the organizer.

7.   Motorcycle clothing:

Every participant must wear a crash helmet (full-face helmet), high motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves and leather equipment or other safety clothing.

A 1-piece or two-piece (zippable) leather suit is mandatory for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th groups.

Textile zippable motorcycle clothing is allowed for the first group (least quick). A back protector is strongly recommended and even mandatory on some track!!!

8.   Internal Regulations :

- A waiver must be signed before the start of the track day.

- Only with suitable motorcycle clothing, helmet, motorcycle boots and motorcycle gloves can one be allowed on the circuit.

- One-piece or two-piece zip-on leather motorcycle suit for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th group (For the first least fast group, a zip-on 2-piece textile suit is allowed)

- Rear-view mirrors must be dismantled or folded in or taped.

- The brake lever and clutch lever must not be damaged or bent.

- The footrests, rear brake and tires must also be in good condition: the organizers have the right to take someone out of the group at any time of the day if their motorcycle does not meet the standards.

- The organization is not responsible for any accidents.

- All damage to the infrastructure on and around the circuit will be invoiced to the person who caused the damage.

- The organization has the right to change group members if necessary.

- The organization expects sporty riding behavior from every participant.

- Each participant and visitor undertakes to strictly observe all guidelines of the organization.

- Only registered pilots may enter the track with the motorcycle. Lending the motorcycle to non-registered pilots is strictly prohibited.

- Violators are responsible for any accidents themselves, and have no recourse against persons / organisms listed in points 1 to 6 of the waiver/indemnity form.

- Violators are immediately excluded from further participation in the event.

- It is forbidden to take passengers on the track. Only motorcycles in good technical condition are allowed.

- Every participant must wear a crash helmet (full-face helmet), boots, gloves and leather equipment or other safety clothing.

- No part of the body except the neck may be bared while riding on the track.

- Any form of competition is excluded. All pilots should drive in this spirit and respect each other.

- Participants identified as dangerous by the organization will be excluded from further participation.

- It is forbidden to turn or stop on the track. It is forbidden to overtake a vehicle of the organization as long as it is on the track.

- Spectators are in principle forbidden along the track.

- The organization can under no circumstances be held responsible for damaged or stolen goods.

- The motorcycle and / or rider will be marked by means of a self-adhesive or other physical control certificate, which will serve as an admission ticket.

- The participant expressly undertakes not to consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics until after his last session. Violations will be sanctioned with immediate exclusion from further participation.

- In case of temporary or permanent cancellation of the trackday due to force majeure, the organization cannot be held liable. In that case, neither full nor partial refund can be claimed from the organization.

This is a translation from the Dutch general terms and conditions. If in doubt about the content of this translation, only the Dutch version is legally valid.

In the event of any disputes, Belgian law applies, and the court of Gent is the only competent authority.

(Last update 20/11/2020)